Punta Gorda Dining Belize

Although there are not many fine dining spots in and around Punta Gorda, there are many different restaurants that offer the normal Belizean, Caribbean and Garinagu dishes, including gibnut, a common rodent.

There is Marian’s Seaview Restaurant located on the seafront of Punta Gorda. This restaurant has a view of the Gulf of Honduras and provides many East Indian dishes like local curries and many other dishes not offered anywhere in town.

Then there is Emery’s Restaurant, which provides many quality local dishes such as baked chicken and pork, fresh fish and garlic shrimp. Beers and drinks are readily available in addition to orange juice.

Marenco’s Ice Cream Parlor is a real spot to hang out, and here you will find many middle-class Belizean, expatriates and travelers. You will be able to get local fry fish coming directly from Punta Gorda docks and the ice cream, there is also wonderful. A great place to hangout in the evenings.

Mangrove Inn is another great place to dine in Punta Gorda. Here the inn overlooks the sea and offers some of the best tasting food in town plus the menu is always changing.

Earth Runnings is also good to try. The menu there is interesting and nicely presented. Music from Bob Marley to Louis Armstrong to local songs is normally playing. During the evenings, local musicians might show up to entertain.

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  1. […] Another alternative downtown is the Titanic Bar. If you prefer to go further out there is the funky Ocean View Bar, which has a big outside dock into the sea. Lastly, there is Waluco’s which is north of town; here there are live music jam sessions, a local Punta Rock band, or a Garífuna drumming once in a while. The waterfront is great if you enjoy long strolls in the evenings, and want to feel the light breezes blowing in from across the Bay. You can also spend your evenings at the local restaurants. […]

  2. […] restaurant in Belize do not require you to dress elegantly, as most are very laid-back. Belize’s restaurants are available in both indoor and outdoor settings with the relaxing ambiance provides an comfy feel […]

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