Punta Gorda Nightlife & Shopping

Nightlife in Punta Gorda Belize is relaxing; however there are a few bars with pool tables on some nights. Although they occasionally show sporting events at the Punta Gorda Sports Bar, it is actually a general nightspot with live bands, DJs, and karaoke nights.

Another alternative downtown is the Titanic Bar. If you prefer to go further out there is the funky Ocean View Bar, which has a big outside dock into the sea. Lastly, there is Waluco’s which is north of town; here there are live music jam sessions, a local Punta Rock band, or a Garífuna drumming once in a while. The waterfront is great if you enjoy long strolls in the evenings, and want to feel the light breezes blowing in from across the Bay. You can also spend your evenings at the local restaurants.

Punta Gorda Shopping

Punta Gorda holds a lot of shops that mostly sell items such as pots, pans, a few articles of clothing, shoes and hammocks. A few shops also sell hand-crafted arts as well. The Fajina Craft Centre sells traditional Maya crafts, jipijapa baskets, slate carvings and the traditional embroidered Maya blouses, shirts and wall hangings.

The Jeweller on Main Street creates and sells traditional Maya earrings that are rare in the world. Tienda La Indita Maya sells not just apparels and shoes, but also some lovely wooden crafts such as bowls, jewelery and napkin rings.

Saturday, is the normal market day when villagers go to town to sell their products. This is the perfect time to buy fresh fruits and veggies.

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