Rail Travel Europe: How to enjoy your Europe rail vacation

European rail vacationExplore the magnificent continent of Europe by visiting its some of its wonderful cities by the means of train on your well planned European rail vacation. Your rail vacation tours will take you back to the time when the train was the luxury way to travel. Be enchanted by the beautiful architecture as you pass through the cities by train and enjoy the lush and panoramic views of the countryside as you make your connections across the countries.

Your Europe train tours will take you through some of the world’s most impressive landscapes where you will be amazed by many scenic vistas that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. On some rail trips, you will receive a planned itinerary and if the need arises you will get to stay in your own comfortable and private sleeping stateroom.

Most of Europe’s rail tours start in the historic and charming city of London. From there you may go aboard any of the many trains such as the Thalys or the Eurostar for a high speed and comfortable train ride through the English Channels and across the French countryside.

While on this route you will be able to see beautiful Gothic arches and the stained glass windows of many cathedrals. You may stop and have a taste of some of the finest French food and drinks, and then it’s off to Brussels, Belgium where you can explore a wealth of medieval towns and get a chance to enjoy some tasty European cuisines.

There are also some extraordinary rail routes such as the Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian, which you can explore if you have enough time on your hands. Get ready for a dream vacation in Europe and tour the main cities along the routes by rail for an exceptional vacation without the hefty price tag.

It is also important for you to note that you can’t buy your rail passes in Europe. Instead you must purchase them at least six months ahead of your vacation and then get them validated on your first day. You will also be provided with a number of options when it comes to the type of pass to buy. As there are passes for multiple countries, single countries, students, seniors, and the list goes on.

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