Retire in Belize on Social Security

retire -in-belizeAre you looking for somewhere to retire? You will be captivated by your first sight of Belize’s landscape. This beautiful English-speaking Central American and Caribbean country is the perfect place to retire on social security. Nestled on the borders of Guatemala to the south-west and Mexico to the north while facing the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, Belize possesses the idyllic location that draws thousands of retirees to its shore.

Boasting several miles of stunning coastlines and the impressive Barrier Reef, Belize is a land of fantastic colors and eco-friendly diversity. Planning to retire in Belize? You will be feted to all the amenities of modern life, while being surrounded by splendid cultural and historical architecture.

Belize is certainly one of the cheapest places to live in the Caribbean. Plus the country offers many other rewards, which make living in this country a great choice since it will expose you to the simple way of life. Your social security checks will also go further in Belize as the rate of exchange is stable and homes are very affordable when compare to other tropical countries.

Retire in Belize on your social security, where medical care, household help, insurance, farm produce, seafood and property taxes, are very affordable. However, gasoline, electricity, telephone, mobile phone and internet access are a bit more costly than in other countries.

What Does it Cost to Live and Retire in Belize?

retiring-in-belizeDepending on your taste, your choice of home can be very costly when compare to your native land. But, don’t be afraid, as some areas in Belize display some of the more affordable housing solutions with a great blend of pristine beauty. Prices can start for US$15,000 and upwards when purchasing a home, but if you choose to rent you can get a house for as little as US$200 monthly. Please note that beachfront properties can cost you a high of US$90,000 just to buy.

To set up your retirement home in Belize your monthly expenses may be something like this:

Your rent or mortgage payments may cost you a mere $300. Your car or traveling cost may be $250. Utilities cost, which includes electricity, water, telephone, and internet may cost you $500. Food and medical expense can cost you up to $400, while entertainment and leisure time activities may cost you $150. So based on your lifestyle you can retire in Belize comfortably on a $1,000 social security check and live the life that you are accustomed to back home.

Retiring in Belize
will make you feel and look better and younger, since the country produces a large range of tropical fruits, vegetables and natural herbs, which will have you craving for more and eating healthy.

Belize also offers an idyllic climate with incredible beauty, and you can choose to buy or rent a property anywhere you prefer. This makes retiring in Belize on social security a great and viable option for anyone looking forward to enjoying the Caribbean flavor while being close to home.

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