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sefton-parkSefton Park in Liverpool England is a beautiful 640 acre public Park. The history of the park started in 1867 when the land was bought by the Liverpool Corporation from the Earl of Sefton to build the park. Sefton Park was designed by a French landscape architect Edouard Andrà and an architect from Liverpool named Lewis Hornblower after they won a competition for the design. The Park was officially opened in 1872 but in 1873 the Iron Bridge was built which crosses the Fairy Glen, a common place for gathering during the Victorian times.

The park is loved by locals and has a natural landscape look instead of a man-made one. During the spring time the lake comes alive with the lovely golden daffodils and the carpets of bluebells. The park has a lot of curved paths, driveways, beech tree and many other native British trees. Sefton Park has many features these include replica statues of Peter Pan and Eros, a boating lake, and a café. It also houses an artificial Grotto known as Old Nick’s Caves, tennis courts and the famous Palm House which is an exquisite Victorian glasshouse that has been beautifully renovated.

The park is opened from 8:00 AM to midnight on Mondays, for 24 hours from Tuesdays to Fridays, on Saturdays it is from midnight to 10:00 PM and from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Sundays. There is also a car and street parking available at the park.

There are many attractions located near Sefton Park; these include Bluecoat Display Centre, Zap Graffiti Arts, Open Eye Gallery, The International Slavery Museum, Liverpool Cathedral, National Conservation Centre, Royal Court Theatre, and Empire Theatre.

The St Michaels Train Station is just one mile away from the Park in addition to that a train service is available from Central Station to St Michaels which would make it a shorter walk to the park.

Accommodations Near Sefton Park
There are many types of accommodation available in the Sefton Park area. Some of the Victorian houses which were built around the park’s perimeter during 1890 are now converted to hotels and flats. The location of these houses makes it a peaceful and fascinating place to stay, especially since it is near to the center of the city.

Jogging, lawn tennis and cycling are common activities in Sefton Park, however most persons go to the park to relax in the calm scenery of woodlands, water features and lawns.

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