SEO Marketing Tips

seo-marketing-tipsSEO marketing tips are available almost everywhere on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of these information are obsolete, or understood solely by experts, or are entirely worthless for your specific situation. These few SEO pointers are supported by current SEO movements and are relevant to every website.

1. Disregard everything you believed you knew about SEO. Things are constantly changing and very quickly, unless you’re in the cringle and your data is less than a year old, you’re likely to be behind.

2. Use your page titles and Meta tags effectively, these tags are important to search engines spiders and your overall SEO process.

3. Since some search engine spiders may ignore or not use your description tags, the initial paragraph of your content is important as this will be what the search engines will index. Make certain your keyword is mentioned in the first sentence.

4. Keywords and phrases are crucial in SEO marketing, however don’t exaggerate. Your keyword density should be about 3 to 5 %, this will maintain a search engine friendly content while being human friendly. If you spam your site with keywords and key phrases you will be blacklisted by search engines and will not show up in their listings.

5. Avoid duplicate content. If you post an article to a directory, do not put that article on your site and don’t ever copy content from other people’s websites. The search engines will disregard duplicate content and you may get in trouble for plagiarism.

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