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Shoreditch londonShoreditch represents a developed, stylish and trendy section of London’s inner city area in the London Borough of Hackney. The area lies within the central section of the city and has a busy network of businesses. The Shoreditch High Street represents the historic centre of the town where interesting sights and stories about the city’s development can be seen.

The train station on Liverpool Street presents a great way of getting into Shoreditch. There are also several buses, taxis, car hires and limousine services available for rental. The Shoreditch High Street Underground Station opens in 2010.
The local authority in charge of delivering services to Shoreditch is the Islington council. Council tax rates can be as low as £794 or as high as £2,381. Your tax rates are set annually and are based on your property value. You may also be eligible for a reduction in council tax.

There are several Victorian styled buildings in the Shoreditch area. A major landmark is the impressive Shoreditch Church from Saxon origins in the 12th century. This medieval church was later rebuilt in a fine Palladian style and sits beautifully in the city today. Shoreditch is home to many modernised industrial complexes which have been converted into multi storey office spaces. There are several commercial buildings in the area. Residentially speaking, there are several expensive high quality housing such as flats, lofts and shift studios which have the advantage of being close to Old Street. Towards Kingsland Road, Dalston and other areas, affordable housing in Shoreditch can be obtained by multi sharing.

Shoreditch boasts a variety of great shops, restaurants and takeaways. Several shops and art galleries can be seen from Whitechapel to the Brick Lane area. Brick Lane has many fashion shops and curry restaurants, the Spitalfields Market has fashion and other miscellaneous items and Kingsland Road is known for its Vietnamese restaurants. Bethnal Green Road has a lovely Turkish restaurant known as Tas Firin which is great as well. You can enjoy Italian at the Lena restaurant amidst a live jazz and cocktail lounge in Shoreditch.


Shoreditch has no shortage of bars, clubs and pubs when it comes to entertainment. You can start at Old Street where there are several lively bars opened until decent hours into the night. Shoreditch High Street is known for its historic music halls and strip tease spots while fashionable clubs and pubs can be found on Curtain Road and Old Street. Joplin’s ‘White Cube’ in Hoxton Square has several opening views events and art lovers can enjoy the numerous art exhibitions which take place in the area.

Great bars in the area include The Redchurch, Catch on Kingsland Road and the Cocomo on Old Street. The most prominent open space in Shoreditch is the Shoreditch Park with its beautiful green space, sports facilities, adventure and children’s playground. Here you will find the only outdoor beach volley ball court in London.

Shoreditch is populated with persons from many different international ethnic groups. The area is known for its highly creative working class residents, artists and other individuals most of whom are involved in one creative industry or the other. There is also a high concentration of East Londoners in the area. Many wealthy persons reside in the area. Shoreditch is ideal for those who enjoy basking in a modern up beat environment.

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