Spring Break 2011 in Jamaica and Cancun

Spring Break 2011 trips to Jamaica and Cancun – Come and get Yours

spring-break-vacationCome this February 28 to April 1, 2011, college students will pack their bags and take their self-prescribed vacation to join the fun and enjoy the time of their life on spring break! Although the actual date for spring break is still a few weeks away, you should start your planning now if you want to have a great vacation. Most of the action for spring break 2011 will be focused around Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas and Florida as these are the most popular and hottest spring break destinations.

Each of these spring break destinations offers you a vacation of freedom, where you can have a great time doing as much as or as little as you want. In fact, you can do nothing at all and still have a fabulous time. When you take a trip to the land of reggae, dance, music and fun, fun, fun; you won’t have no problem mon. Spring Break in Jamaica and Cancun is very similar yet unique in their own way. Both of these destinations will give you the opportunity to enjoy the margarita madness on drop-dead beautiful beaches, parties at clubs until sunrise and pure craziness. Cancun and Jamaica are Spring Break heavens, which gives you the chance to enjoy everything you can imagine.

tripsApart from the luxurious beaches at these two magnificent locations, the benefits of going to Cancun and Jamaica this Spring Break will let you enjoy stays at beautiful hotels and villas, and you guessed it more alcohol than you could ever imagine. In Mexico and Jamaica the drinking age is 18 years old, however the drinking laws are more relaxed in Jamaica. What’s more you will get to go home with tons of memories, a tan, maybe some braids and probably a few new secrets and experiences too! Do I need to say more?

So if you are looking for your own fun playground and adventure with endless entertainment day and night, just book your ticket and head to either Jamaica or Cancun. Because these are two places that know spring break and know how to have fun. Plus places like Negril and Montego Bay in Jamaica will go all-out for all those who choose to trample the beaches. Go and escape the worries of school and exams with a cheap Caribbean trip on your spring break vacation in the sun in Cancun or the laid back Jamaica, where almost everything goes!

5 thoughts on “Spring Break 2011 in Jamaica and Cancun

  1. Danielle

    Who wouldn’t love to go to Jamaica for spring break? But in the bigger scheme of things, even though not everyone can afford it it is a bit cheaper compared to other destinations!

  2. Wow, great! Apart from Jamaica and Cancun the next big party is the Spring Break 2011 is in june in croatia 😉

  3. Cecilia Ecco

    Travel in Mexico is a unique experience! It is something everyone should do at least once in life! Is a magical place, full of myths, history and landscapes that take your breath away!

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