Stann Creek Belize

Stann-Creek-BelizeBelize’s second largest district known as Stann Creek, offers miles and miles of pristine waterfront beauty and natural settings. Stann Creek is located on the south eastern region of Belize. A great place for adventure travel in belize, as the coastline is scattered with several unique fishing villages and small towns. The cultural flavors fill the air as the exotic mixture of the native Garifuna people warmly greets you.

With its amazing selection of adventures and attractions, this Belize district is a wonderful place for you to spend a few days exploring some of Belize’s wonders. The district’s spectacular landscape of the mineral hilly terrain covered with lush broadleaf trees, flora and fauna makes the coastal towns and villages something special to explore. Dive below the surface on a hot day and discover an abundance of delights as you swim deeper and deeper.

Stann-Creek Beginning just a few miles inland, Stann Creek houses many amazing Mayan villages, the first jaguar preserve in the world known as the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, plenty tropical forests, and the popular Mayan Mountains called Victoria Peak. The district of Stann Creek also offers lots of entertaining performances by traditional groups, including performances by the Waribagaba Dancers and the Turtle Shell Band for you to enjoy.

Dangriga is the capital town of Stann Creek and it is where most of the district rich history blossoms. Centrally located to the Barrier Reefs, Dangriga is also known as the cultural hub of Belize and the best place to start exploring beautiful Belize. Enjoy Dangriga as the nightly festivities invite you to celebrate with the locals. Tasty and unique dishes are plentiful in Dangriga and the town is popular for its warm cassava breads, cashew wines, fish cooked in coconut milk, and a mouth-watering dish called hudut.

Discover Stann Creek on your next trip to nature-filled Belize, stay at a lovely hotel or guesthouse that offers a wide variety of tours, day trips and activities. Stann Creek blessed with unbelievable natural beauty and countless attractions, hike through the rainforest and rediscover ways to enjoy the wonders of nature.

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