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Stoke Newington Stoke Newington is a beautiful district in the London Borough of Hackney in England. The area is defined by refreshing open spaces, a rich history and culture and a wide range of energetic activities for the young at heart.

While there are no tubes in Stoke Newington, you can get around easily by buses and rented cars, or travel from the underground station at Finsbury Park. The district does have a rail station however and there are trains such as Dalston Kingsland, Hackney Downs and London Fields.

The Hackney Council is responsible for the delivery and care of services to Stoke Newington. As such, council tax rates range from a high of £2,574 to a minimum of £858 depending on property values. You may also be eligible for a reduction in council tax these reductions are applicable if you are disabled, only person lives on the property or if you qualify for the second adult rebate.

Stoke Newington is home to quite a few grade II and grade II architectural sites. St. Matthias Church is the only grade I building in the area. The church dates back to the 1800s and is a major landmark in Stoke Newington. The fine architecture of places such as Saint Mary’s New Church, Clissold House in Clissold Park, Saint Andrew’s Church of Bethune Road and the Castle Climbing Centre, Green Lanes and the unusual architecture of the Climbing Castle.

There are quite a few wonderful Victorian terraces in the area, most of which have been converted to flats. Housing blocks and flats are also available for those seeking to reside in the area. Beautiful properties for residential can be found in areas near Stoke Newington Church Street, Defoe Road and Oldfield Road.

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The main shopping areas in Stoke Newington are High Street and Church Street where you can find fashion shops and several variety stores. A number of restaurants, bars, cafes and wine bars can also be found in that vicinity. Stoke Newington is richly endowed with a variety of restaurants offering a delicious taste of different cultures.

Chinese restaurants such as Haikksun and the Turkish restaurants of Caglayan, Clicia and Canli Balik are worth visiting. There is also the Cirik which specialises in Greek cuisines, the Indian Abi Ruchi and the European Fifty Six Restaurant. Stoke Newington is well known for its lively musical performances and shows, excellent pubs, bars and cafes.

Contemporary jazz performances and comedies are quite popular. Among the favourite entertainment spots are Ryans and the Lion and the other clubs on Church Street. The Others is another great spot and can be found above the snooker hall while Bodrums in Stoke Newington. Entertaining events are held on a regular basis at places such as the Abney Tigers Karate Club and Tango ConeXion. Other entertainment centres include Sixofone, Future Fire, Frititi Traditional African Drumming and Dance and Dance Europe.

Stoke Newington’s splendid open spaces include the West Reservoir in the north which is a major leisure and green area, the Castle Climbing Centre and the Clissold Park-all great areas for leisure and fun. The Abney Park Cemetery represents one of England’s finest cemeteries while the charming Stoke Newington Commons is ideal for walking, reconnecting with nature and other recreational activities. Several leisure facilities can be accessed from Stoke Newington. Being a major water supplier in London, area has magnificent reservoirs.

The Stoke Newington area has a rich diversity of people from differing ethnic backgrounds including Afro-Caribbean, Turkish and Jewish residents, young professionals and middle class workers and people employed in the advertising and publishing industries. There are quite a few teachers in the area as well. Stoke Newington provides a wonderful experience of the various aspects of living in a major city.

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