Things to do in Sandy Point

sandy-pointOne of the top places that you should not fail to visit when you are traveling to Victoria is the beautiful coastal community of Sandy Point. Things to do in Sandy Point are so abundant that when you stay in the area you may not know where to begin. Naturally, the fun in Sandy Point always starts on the beach, one of the area’s most popular attractions.

With over 18 kms of uninterrupted surf beach and powdery sands that stretches along the coast, you will have ample opportunities to make some waves on your vacation when you choose a Sandy Point accommodation. Since Sandy Point Victoria is a renowned windsurfing destination, the waters are perfect for all types of water based fun. Whether you want to go windsurfing, kite boarding or surfing you will have plenty of options when it comes to enjoying water sports activities and aquatic adventures on your trip.

Sandy Point will also give you the opportunity to take walks on the uninterrupted stretches of sand along the beach with the entire family for the thrill of a lifetime, while the little ones collect shells and other treasures that they find along the beach. In addition to this, the beaches are perfect for swimmers, sailors and kayakers as well.

Wilsons Promontory

If you are one who appreciates amazing views Sandy Point Victoria is perfect for you as in every direction, you turn you will be greeted by some beautiful sceneries. When you are on the beach you will have the impressive views of the sand with the dunes in the background creating the perfect back drop. After you have taken the time to appreciate the beautiful surroundings you challenge yourself and climb the dunes which are a great way to keep active on your trip. At the end of your climb you will be rewarded with some other beautiful views, which will make your walk to the top worthwhile.

Another important thing to do in Sandy point is to Wilsons Promontory National Park, which is the largest coastal wilderness in Victoria. The Park is one of Victoria’s most treasured national parks, and the walking trails will give you perfect paths to go wildlife watching. If you want to take in the spectacular views of the park and the coastline a walk to the peak of Mt Oberon will let you enjoy one of Victoria’s best panoramas. If you still have enough energy, and you want to visit other notable sites that are close by, Walkerville on the sandy shores of Waratah Bay is there for you to explore the remote and rugged coastline and remnants of the burnt-out lime kilns on the cliffs. The historic Cape Liptrap Lighthouse and the Walkerville cemetery will also be there for you to explore.

When it comes to the accommodation options, Sandy Point Victoria has some of the best choices of all the Wilsons Prom Accommodation options. These lodging options range from budget friendly rentals to more expensive options. Depending on your type of Wilsons Promontory accommodation, you have the convenience and may find yourself enough space to sleep a large family. According to reviews, Sandy Point is one of the best places to stay when you want to see the sights of Wilsons Prom. So whether you desire is relaxation on the beach or enjoying heart pounding excitement as you make some waves in the water or a little of both, there is something for everyone in Sandy Point!

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