Top 5 Extended Stay Hotels

extended-stay-hotelsIf you need a great hotel to call home for a couple of weeks or months, extended stay hotels are your best options. When choosing your extended stay hotel you need to ensure that they meet your standards. That means they should be in the right location, be spacious, comfortable and fit into your budget. For your personal safety and comfort, your extended stay room must include nice furnishings and offer you easy access to all that you need to be near to.

Extended stay hotels are a style of temporary housing solutions with features not available at regular hotels. These features generally enhance your extended housing stay, to provide you with a more home-like feel. There are currently over 2,000 extended stay chains operating all over the world. Some of these extended stay hotels attract a wide variety of clientele who mainly use the hotel as a semi-permanent lodging.

Extended stay hotels offer discounts for extended stays, starting from 5 or 7 days. This makes them a very popular choice for business travelers who might be on the road for weeks at a time. Extended stay hotels are also used by other types of travelers who appreciate or have the need to be in a much larger space than what the usual hotel provides.

When searching for extended stay hotel suites you will come across many popular brands to choose from. Below we will have a look at the top 5 extended stay American hotels.

Extended Stay America Hotels

extended stay of americaExtended Stay America Hotels is a group of about 363 hotels that are ideal for both business and leisure travelers. The comfort you receive when staying at any Extended Stay America Hotel will be excellent and will have you yearning for more. The hotel features nicely decorated suites that create an inviting homely feel. Each room of this hotel is fully equipped with all the modern amenities that you would need. This includes kitchens, wireless internet access, and on-site laundry facilities.

Whether you are searching for nightly to monthly rates, Extended Stay America Hotels offer remarkable value for money. With plenty of hotels located in America, you will be happy to know that an Extended Stay America Hotel is nearby. Boasting their recently transformation of the Signature Suites with fresh fashionable décor and comfort bedding. Your stays will be rewarding.

Extended Stay Hotels

Extended Stay Hotels is a chain of hotels that offer the ultimate accommodation to anyone looking for a place to stay for an extended time. Extended Stays Hotels provide kitchenettes to full kitchens, laundry facilities, suite and rooms, which are fully furnished to please any visitors. The rates are normally lower than other hotels, and if you are relocating to a new area, waiting for a mortgage closing, or transitioning between leases, one of these hotel rooms would be perfect.

Extended Stays Hotel also offers great rates, and if you plan to stay more than a month you will receive up to 30% discounts on your rates. Whether you are looking for special weekly hotel rates or long stay hotel rates, Extended Stay Hotels has a location in major towns and cities to serve your travel needs.

Doubletree Extended Stay Suites

Either for business, pleasure or a romantic weekend getaway your Doubletree Extended Stay Suites has all the right features and facilities to make the perfect stay hotel. This charming set of extended stay hotels will pamper you with all the comforts just like back home. Doubletree Extended Stay Suites’ large and spacious guestrooms appeals to you as you enter, as each room is beautifully decorated into make you feel more comfortable.

extended stay hotel roomsAll rooms of this hotel chain are fully equipped with separate living areas and reliable amenities like wireless high-speed internet access, which is perfect for business travelers. Family and leisure travelers will also enjoy making one of these hotels their base as they will be surrounded by warm and caring staffs and all the necessary facilities for you to have a comfortable stay. In addition, Doubletree Extended Stay Suites provides fine dining and entertainment experiences for you to enjoy.

The Residence Inn

The Residence Inn is a group of prestigious extended stay hotels to have a relaxed stay in. These chains of brand hotels feature over 450 Residence Inn hotels worldwide. With a slogan that says “Your home away from home” you will be glad to know that they stay true to their word. Being the first chain of extended stay hotels to boast a suite in a hotel, Residence Inn guestrooms are completed with all the right furnishings to create an atmosphere of welcoming feel.

Featuring plenty of amenities to attract all types of visitors, the Residence Inn provides a common area for meal service; an on-site coin operated laundry facility, a wonderful swimming pool and fitness room. Some of their hotels have a look of a condo or apartment style extended housing appearance. Residence Inns normally offer a complimentary small hot breakfast in the morning and a free light dinner or snack during the weekdays.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott’s

The lovely TownePlace Suites by Marriott is an extended stay hotel chain that first opened its doors in Virginia. In total there are about 189 TownePlace Suites hotels across the US. This Marriott chain provides a great place to stay for all types of travelers who are on extended stay trips. The suites of this extended stay hotel are casually designed and feature fully equipped kitchens, comfortable guestrooms and living areas.

Having a choice of one or two bedrooms, the TownePlace Suites caters to business travelers who want a comfy place to rest. The convenient packages of TownePlace Suites offer free in-room internet access, exterior swimming pools and a wonderful continental breakfast.

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