Top Holiday Destinations For 2011

The world’s top holiday destinations for 2011, will take you to some of the most exciting and extraordinary places on the planet. If you can’t make a decision as to where to go next, here are a few ideas that might inspire you…

Enjoy the Thrill of Africa

As far as exciting destinations go, Africa is there at the top. Africa has something for you to enjoy and starting north in the beautiful land of Morocco with its rich cultural happenings, amazing mountain ranges that float down to the scenic desert. The safaris rides in Kenya, Botswana or Namibia are to die for, while the impressive islands of Cape Verde, will offer you some great opportunities to go island hopping.

Relax and Unwind in the Caribbean

The charm of the islands in the Caribbean all-year round. Perfect for beach lovers, surfers and just about all types of holiday makers, the Caribbean provides unique exploits from island to island. Visit the beautiful Jamaica where the music and fun never stop, or hop over to Puerto Rico and enjoy the salsa beats until the wee hours of morning. For a whirlwind social scene Trinidad and Tobago will entice you with its steel bands, while St. Lucia will offer you the laid-back ambiance that you seek with a twist of island spirit.

Go Back in Time in Italy

With its beautiful rolling hills, sparkling lakes and medieval towns, Italy is where you can immerse in one of the top holiday destinations. Offering all types of adventure it is no surprise why this country is one of the top holiday destinations. Visit the beautiful countryside in Umbria, or head south to Puglia where you can enjoy intimate settings among wonderful beaches and secluded coves. For a taste of the old-fashioned Italian flair visit, the Amalfi Coast and dwell in a world of incredible happenings. Or you can go to the offshore islands of Sicily and Sardinia and marvel at the lovely beaches, fabulous golf courses and some of the finest restaurants in all of Italy.

Take a Big Fat Greek Holiday

Traditional holidays start in Greece, from the beaches to the wonderful climate and tasty cuisines, the exotic landscapes of Greece appeal to your every need. A great destination for families and couples, the spectacular stretch of beach and unique land structures of Greece will amaze you at every turn. Plunge into the spellbound era when you visit one of the amazing towns like Paxos of Crete, which will give you an authentic Greek experience. Pass up the regular luxury resorts and explore the laid-back island ambiance in Santorini or Corfu, discover the great beaches amidst magnificent ruins.

Indulge in an Oriental Experience in Asia

Home to amazing cities and perfect holiday destinations, Asia provides some of the oldest cultural with a fascinating continent. Asia offers the right blend of powdery sand beaches with fantastic diving spots, lively nightlife and exotic dishes to sample.

Visit the island of Koh Samui and bask in one of Thailand’s most alluring spot or travel to the eastern coast of Malaysia where breathtaking coastlines greet you with delicious food and wonderful hotels. Oh the picture-perfect surroundings of Bali provides spectacular scenery and mystic ventures. Discover amazing attractions relax in beautiful scenery, as Asia pampers you with river cruises, sensuous spa facilities or great food and wine in the land of adventure holiday destinations.
There are plenty of adventurous holiday destinations for you to visit in 2011, which will not only provide the perfect destination but will let you create tons of beautiful memories.

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