Virtual Assistants…………….The solution to Every Company’s staffing needs

virtual-call-centerAre You Tired Of Spending Your Nights and Weekends Working On Administrative Tasks? Maybe You Need an Assistant That Works Nights and Weekends.

Virtual assistants (VA) are one of the fastest growing professions world wide. It is the new “hot” career because it offers independence, flexibility and a vast amount of experience. VA’s are independent contractors who provide administrative support or specialized business services from a distance, through the Internet, fax, telephone, over night mail or another means of communication.

Some Services Offered by a VA are:
• Medical Industry Services – medical transcription or insurance billing
• Real Estate Services
• Legal Administrative Services
• Insurance Industry
• Bookkeeping Services
• Web design
• Proofreading
• Academic research/typing and editing
• Event and meeting planning
• Marketing
• Graphic design, brochure creation
• Virtual call center services

Virtual assistants work from their own offices, use their own equipment and provide support services to businesses, entrepreneurs and busy individuals. Virtual assistants are an outsourcing strategy that can give small business’ large companies or individual the best solutions to their need for help. You select from a qualified individual to a team professional based in any company that want, to match all your criteria.

The cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant may charge any where between $ 14.00 and $75.00 per hour, and the great thing with a VA is that you only pay for the hours spent on your task. So you do not have to worry about paying a month’s salary for a few hours of work as you would do with a full time employee.

Where to Find a Virtual Assiatant

There are several ways to find a qualified virtual assistant. You can perform a search for “virtual assistant”, “VA” in any search engine, or you can visit Software Programming & Computing Experts, The International Virtual Assistants Association or any virtual assistant directory or company. A VA is one of the best solutions or assets that any company or individual can possess, as they offer excellent services at a very reasonable cost.

Author’s Bio
Francine Byfield is a virtual assistant and marketing specialist.
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  1. Jejumine

    Running a business is not easy; it can be exhausting especially when your business expands and it needs more administrative work. Your business should have an administrative support or specialized business services and solutions to the growing demands of your career and your life.

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