What is Engineering?


Engineering is a broad discipline that combines the fields of science and mathematics to solve real world problems. Engineering is necessary to improve the world around us and make modern life possible. Engineers are problem solvers. They figure out how things work and find practical ways to make things work more efficiently. They are also excellent organizers, communicators and estimators. They are involved in design, production, research or running businesses.

what is engineering

But what really distinguishes an engineer is his or her ability to implement ideas in a cost effective and practical approach. Engineers are capable of defining a problem, the relevant constraints involved and providing a simple solution. This ability to take a thought or an idea, and translate it into reality is what really separates an engineer from all other fields of applied science.

Engineering is instrumental in all the innovations available to the world today. Engineers are shaping the future and are involved in almost everything you can think of, from designing programs at a computer terminal, to improving structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. They are also involved in medicine, renewable energy, sustainable mining as well as for overseeing the maintenance operations for major structures like aircraft, ships and offshore oil platforms.

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