What You Need To Know About Coffee Tables

When it comes to interior decorating, coffee tables are a must have in any home. These tables are multifunctional, decorative, and will often be the focal point of your living room. Coffee tables will also be the place where any and everything in your living room ends up throughout the day. From the remote and popcorn to your half-finished drinks, bills and magazines, most items that can hold on this multifunctional furniture will end up on it at one point or another. Therefore, it is best for you to have the right information about these tables for you to select the right one and provide the proper care for it.
In general, your coffee table regardless of its design should fit you and your lifestyle. The coffee table should blend in seamlessly with the other home furnishings in the room. The traditional coffee tables usually have a rectangular shape with four legs and the standard height of about 16-18 inches. However, you can find high and low coffee tables with many different shapes, but if you want to be on the safe side you can never go wrong with the rectangular shaped ones and the standard height.

The squared shaped tables will help you to create a balance in the living room and these types of coffee tables are perfect if you want a more unified look. Round and oval coffee tables will help you add to the cosiness of the living room and are easier to manoeuvre. These pieces have safer edges and are less likely to cause any accidents or damage. Therefore, if you have children these would be best. The tiered coffee tables will let your living room have a chic and urban look.


During your search for a suitable coffee table, you will find that most of these tables are made of wood as this is the tradition for these pieces. However, you will find coffee tables that are made from other materials like granite, glass, metal and other materials. Based on the design or style of table selected, your coffee table may or may not have drawers or shelves. The ones that have drawers will provide you with a place for storing small items, while the coffee tables with shelves will provide you with a place to hold your magazines, books, and television remote.

How Do I Keep My Table from Being Damaged?

Once you have selected a coffee table you will need to provide the right care for it. Glass coffee tables are normally lightweight and have a tendency to break under stress. This makes them a poor choice for active families, families with kids or if you will use the table as a footrest or fort. You should also make sure that to keep the coffee table clean as these tables will stain easily if they are not maintained or care for properly.

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