Why is Social Media Important to Jamaican Brands?

social-media-brandSocial Media should always be apart of a branding strategy for these main reasons.

– A Jamaican Brand will succeed only if it bridges the gap within the Jamaican consumer’s mind of where they’re now and where they looking to be, Social Media will help to build that bridge – this will help consumers in answering their fears and questions; while leading them to the reality of achieving their visions. Whether it is to be healthy, rich, successful etc.

– Jamaican Brands need to be able to communicate poperly at all levels in the jamaican society and towards all emotions. A few example of Social Networking medias are, youtube, flickr, Hi5 and Myspace you also have local communities.

– Jamaican Brands should appear to be consistent and stable in their consumers lives. You may use mediums such as RSS which allows the opt in approach from the consumer which stops you from forcing the brand in the consumer’s life.

– Jamaican Brands need to listen to their consumers so you need to be where they’re at, not for the sake of it,but to allow your brand to evolve. Some of the best examples of this are blogs and forums.

– Jamaican Brands need tools and advocates to spread the word about their brand and products, there is nothing better than Social Media as recommendations, which has great shareability.

Author: Gavin Robinson
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